Rubber banbury mixer
Rubber kneader
Double screw extruding sheeter
Rubber open mill
Batch off cooler
2 roll calender machine
3 roll calender machine
4 roll calender machine
Wide-sheet extrustion calender line
Cold feed rubber extruder
Pin-barrel cold feed rubber extruder
Hot feed extruder
Rubber strainer
Extruder with twin wrist feeding unit
Extruder with twin screw feeding unit
Rotary curing machine
Rubber vulcanizer press
Tube curing press
15°-75° steel fabric cutting machine
90° steel fabric cutting machine
Steel ply longitudinal slitter
Vertical cutting machine
Rubber cutting machine
Radial ply tyre 3D building machine
Injection Molding Machine
Vacuum Molding Machine
One-time automatic mixing line
Double compound extruding line
Three compound extruding line
0° belt production line
Steel ply calender line
Tread cooling line
Inner liner production of extruding and calendaring method
Bead feipping line
Electro-heating tyre bead winding-up extrusion line
Hexagonal duplex winding machine
Conveyor belt making machines
Rubber flooring making machines
Rubber sheet / mat making machines
Rubber cracker mill
Rubber refiner
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