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Steel ply calender line

steel ply calender line The steel ply calender line is used for the rolling line of the steel cord for calendering and laminating, the calendering calender and its linkage device: according to the requirements of the glueing operation, the linkage device for the continuous glue coating operation is arranged. The main production process equipment consists of a spindle frame, a cable rack, a joint splicing , a smashing device, a cooling machine, a storage rack, a tractor, a coiler and other control systems. It is a device for aligning the cords in a predetermined density and positioning the cords on the calendering calender rolls. It consists mainly of two parallel grooved warping rolls and their shifting mechanism. The size and spacing of the warping rolls are determined according to the variety, specifications and density of the curtain. The warping roller is displaced by the seeding mechanism through the motor, the cylinder or the cylinder. .1. When threading or nucleating the cord, the warping roller can be removed from the calender roll; after the threading or finishing of the cord is completed, it can be attached to the calender roll to accurately define the position of the cord. Entering 7 people to delay the work state. The spindle frame is composed of a fixed number of ingots arranged in a fixed dry frame, and a cord bobbin can be placed on the spindle. In order to keep the tension constant when the cord is exported, each spindle seat is provided with a control bag for automatically adjusting the tension of the cord. Set, usually friction brake type, electromagnetic control type and pneumatic control type.